What is balayage hair?

Balayage is a hair colouring technique which has become very popular in recent years. From the French word meaning “sweep”, balayage involves the hairdresser painting a peroxide mixon the lengths of the hair, while leaving the roots natural. Unlike traditional highlights, balayage does not use foil or caps, which tend to create a more structured look, with the colour instead being applied freehand. This avoids the stripy look that was a trend for highlights in the 1990s and 2000s. Because efforts are made to blend the bleached portions with the existing natural hair colour, it is possible to leave long periods between salon visits while still retaining beautiful hair. At Radical Hair Design, we are experts at the balayage technique.

While balayage began as a massive trend, favoured among celebrities, it is now a staple look which many are choosing for its vibrant appearance and low-maintenance nature. Balayage isprized by those who do not have the time, money, or patience for monthly salon visits to touch up the roots. With judiciously chosen colours, you could even go six months or more between appointments. With balayage, you can achieve a lighter look with minimal effort.

Balayage used your unique hair colour, length, curl, and texture to create a personalised look.While it is most familiar on celebrities with long, wavy hair, balayage can be done on all hair lengths and textures. Balayage can be incredibly beautiful on curly hair, creating a natural sun-lightened look. Even short hair can have a balayage effect – we simply go further up the hair to create the sought-after blended look. Speak to us at Radical Hair Design about your hair and what you wish to achieve. It can help to find pictures of the kind of look you want, but keep in mind that no two manes will look the same with balayage – your hair will be just as unique as you are.

Balayage is most suited to hair that is not currently coloured, as some of your natural colour is needed. If you wish to transition from a full-dyed or highlighted style to balayage, we can do this gradually and gently over multiple salon visits. While we would never promise to be able to attain a bleached look in one day, with balayage you do have more options which our experienced hair stylists can discuss with you. As you can go many months without dyeing your hair if you opt for balayage, it is an ideal style for damaged hair to allow it to recover while still looking stunning.

As alternatives to balayage, you may also wish to consider ombre or even traditional highlights. These styles look similar to balayage, but are more of a striking look. It is also possible to combine the styles; for example, balayage with a few highlights woven through for a strong visual impact.

At Radical Hair Design, we will take the time to understand your desired look and how this can be achieved for your hair. For all enquiries, please give us a call on (02) 9651 3200 or getin touch by email at info@radicalhair.com.au. We are experienced in all types of hair dyeing and styling, and are confident that we will be able to design a colour and style which brings out your best features.