The Ultimate “Curling Style” Pack

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The perfect curl kit for home!

The Ultimate Curl Styling Pack consists of Curl Protect & Style for setting and protecting your desired curl movement, Powder Spray for adding root and mid lengths lift/texture and finishing product of Molding Spray which acts as a hair and volume spray!



How to use these products:

  • Curl Protect & Style: For perfectly conditioned curls: Curl Protect & Style protects the hair thanks to innovative heat protection technology and gives the curls shine and long-lasting durability. Before styling, section by section, spray on to dry hair from about 20 cm away. Then use your curling iron as normal. If you want additional hold, you can combine Curl Protect & Style with any other styling products.
  • Powder Spray: The perfect finish for a trendy matte look: powder spray for more hair structure and body. For styling and restyling! Shake well before use. Target the spray 20 – 30 cm away from the roots and/or lengths of dry hair and then shape with the fingers. NOTE: For dark hair the mattifying effect may initially be more visible. Loosening the hair with the fingers leads to an even distribution of the desired mattification effect.
  • Molding Spray: This styling spray results in perfect volume and strong hold. Its delayed drying time enables you to additionally shape the style after you’ve sprayed it on. Spray Molding Spray partly into dry hair and style as desired.

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1 review for The Ultimate “Curling Style” Pack

  1. Akaysha

    This trio is amazing for holding my blow drys and waves for days!! It’s so easy to brush out too which is a massive bonus!

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