Smooth Hair Duo Pack


Dream of healthy, silky & smooth hair?

In spite of blow-dryers and flat irons, your hair remains healthy! The heat protection spray effectively and actively protects your hair against heat damage by straightening irons and other heated appliances. The multifunctional Heat Protector 2-phase formula seals moisture in the hair, protects against moisture loss and thus dehydration. Heat Protector protects the hair during thermostyling, reduces hair damage, makes the hair silky soft and gives it iridescent shine.

Keep your ends in check with this split ends sealer that works like a protective coating for damaged ends using Silky Spliss Repair.Quickly seals ends and fills in porous gaps for visible smoothness, seals in hydration to keep hair hydrated and smooths down the hair cuticle to prevent tangles at the damaged ends.


How to use these products: Heat Protector: Before straightening, spray Heat Protector into sections of dry hair. Silky Spliss Repair: Depending on the hair volume, distribute a few drops of Silky Spliss Repair between your fingertips and knead into slightly damp or dry tips. Combing the hair through optimises the effect straight away. For very sensitive hair, Silky Spliss Repair can be regularly used to prevent split ends.

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