Protection Couleur Duo Pack



Protection Couleur is especially developed for tinted and any coloured hair. Repairs, protects, hydrates hair while protecting colour against fading.

  • Seals the hair’s cuticle for colour locking shine and enhances vibrancy of warm and cool tones with pigment refreshers.
  • Protection against environmental damage and UV rays.
  • Up to 73% improved colour durability.
  • Pack Inclusions: Couleur Shampoo Volume and Couleur Conditionneur



How to use these products: Evenly distribute Shampoo Volume Protection Couleur into your hair and on the scalp. Lather with a little water, lightly massage the scalp and carefully knead the hair with the fingers. Then rinse thoroughly with water. Make sure you avoid vigorous rubbing dryEvenly distribute and knead Conditionneur Protection Couleur into washed, towel-dried hair. Allow to take effect for 1-2 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.

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