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The cause of decreasing hair density can be many and varied: stress, hormonal factors or natural aging processes. The decline in productivity of the stem cells of the hair follicle always plays a dominant role here. These stem cells are the decisive starters for active hair growth. Another factor is a saccharification of the connective tissue, which increases as we age and is known as glycation. This leads to hardening of the tissue, the scalp loses elasticity and is unable to be properly supplied with nutrients.


A break through range that increased new hair growth by up to 121% with rejuvenated strength and vitality. Through cell-active ingredients, Dermosthetique Anti-age targets the on the mother cells directly by supporting the regeneration of cell activity and protecting the cells from external damage. As a result, new, stronger hair thrives as the scalp and hair follicles are kept young at a cellular level.

Visible results, scientifically proven:

  • Increase in Hair Density (28, 000 more hairs in 3 months)
  • Hair Loss (17% reduction after 3 months)
  • Mother Cell Energy Increase ( 100% after 20 days)
  • Improved hair quality, additional hold and volume.
  • Reduced hair breakage and split ends.


How to use these products:  If there is a recognisable family tendency to hair loss, we recommend an ongoing preventative treatment with 1–2 ampoules a week, ideally also in combination with Elixir Anti-Chute Premium lotion. The same applies for age-related weakened hair. Application after washing with Dermosthetique Anti-age Shampoo : Apply the contents of the  ampoule along the parting and lightly massage in with your fingertips and leave in. Follow by applying the Elixir Anti-Chute Premium lotion on the scalp too using the easy nozzle applicator. DO NOT RINSE.

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