The Dry Scalp Essentials

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Lipokérine B Structurising Shampoo & Ergines B scalp – The perfect duo for dry & itchy scalp!

Feeling of tightness? Itchiness? If the scalp is dry and imbalanced, the hair rapidly becomes dry and brittle. Sounds fairly worrying? That’s because it is! In addition, that is anything but the perfect prerequisites for shiny, healthy and soft hair. To restore the scalp’s natural balance, the choice of shampoo & scalp lotion is of vital importance.

Lipokérine B structurising shampoo provides extremely mild and particularly gentle cleansing of dry scalps and brittle hair.
– Gently cleanses and rebuilds weak hair.
– Increases hair’s ability to absorb moisture.
– Leaves the hair and scalp soothed with shine and new vitality

Ergines B scalp lotion relives scalp of itchy, tight, dry sensation by soothing tension and softening dehydrated skin.
– Stimulates sebum production for comfort.
– Panthenol softens and soothes scalp.
– Has an immediate calming sensation.


How to use these products: After washing with Shampooing Lipokérine B using the easy to use applicator nozzle, apply approx. 5 ml Lotion Ergines B along the parting of the scalp and lightly massage in. Leave-in product.


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1 review for The Dry Scalp Essentials

  1. Clare Boddy

    I have always struggled to find a range that actually FIXES my dry scalp that also leaves my hair feeling nourished and soft! Now, I will never not use the Dry Scalp pack as my scalp is the best its ever been and my hair still feels great! These products work miracles

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