Dry Hair Shampoo & Conditioner Pack


Dry hair? That’s the old me!

The unique hair care concept DRY HAIR directly tackles the root of the symptoms of dry, damaged hair and uses lipids, proteins and valuable plant extracts to actively combat the damage. Scientifically documented results confirm: up to 34 percent more softness – even after 24 hours. The sweet smell of success: The aroma, specially created  by the international scent designer Geza Schön exclusively for La Biosthétique Paris, surrounds the hair with sensuality and elegance – all day long! We are convinced! Are you too?


Transform dull, lifeless hair into beautiful, soft and silky hair. Thanks to seven power plant active ingredients this deep hydration range revitalises dry, brittle hair through four phases: repair, moisturise, protect, finish.

  • The hair instantly gains new elasticity and shine.
  • The hair is strengthened while the cuticle is repaired and sealed.
  • 40% increase moisture content
  • 34% increase in softness


How to use this pack: Always do two long shampoos with the Dry Hair Shampoo focusing on all areas of the scalp, squeeze out the moisture in the hair and apply a dollar coin sized amount of the Dry Hair Conditioner, brush through, leave for one minute and rinse throughly.

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