“Cool toned” Brunette Pack


Cool off your Brunette shade with some Espresso pigment!

Ideal for those who love their Brunette shade to reflect cooler tones.  Protection Couleur Vital colour protection shampoo gently cleanses stressed coloured hair, protects it from colour and moisture loss and powerful active ingredients restore softness and lively, shiny colour to the hair. Glam Color Advanced .21 Espresso refreshes cool brown reflections and intensifies them with guaranteed colour refreshing for three to five washes and the hair is given brilliant shine.


How to use The Cool Toned Brunette Pack: Evenly distribute l Protection Couleur Vital colour protection shampoo into hair and on the scalp. Lather with a little water, lightly massage the scalp and carefully knead the hair with the fingers. Then rinse thoroughly with water. REAPEAT. That’s right X 2 Shampoo’s. After washing, evenly apply Glam Color Advanced .21 Espresso to towel-dried hair. If necessary, comb through. The processing time is dependent on the desired intensity and is between 3 and 10 minutes (the more porous the hair structure, the more intensely the colour pigments penetrate the hair). Then rinse thoroughly. When you apply it, use gloves to avoid the colour staining the skin!

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