Beauté Daily Shampoo & Conditioner Pack


Beauté – gentle cleansing and rapid structural balancing for easy-care hair

Hair has to withstand quite a lot of stress: it is styled with brushes and combs, blasted with overheated dryers or even back-combed. Sometimes curled, straightened or just coloured too often. Even the UV light that the hair is often unconsciously exposed to should not be underestimated. So it’s no wonder that even the most beautiful hair is tired after all these attacks. Resilience, shine and volume disappear faster than you might think! A pampering care that protects your hair helps it to survive all this stress. All Beauté care products instantly balance out slight structural damage.


How to use these products: After washing twice with your Beauté Shampoo, evenly distribute the Beauté Conditionneur Douceur into your slightly damp hair, leave it in for 1-2 minutes and rinse. And you’re done. Your hair will experience ultimate softness.

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