Babybios “Mother & Child Spray”

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Babybios – a versatile product for mother and child, is an essential product in every bathroom!

Delicate children’s hair doesn’t have enough of its own protection, which is why it needs very special, gentle care that is specially designed for sensitive hair. Babybios adheres to the hair as a delicate protective film without oiliness. The often fragile hair can be easily combed. It gains elasticity and children’s beloved curls are given springiness. Used in the long term, Babybios consistently boosts natural curl formation, but not just on children. Babybios is also the ideal conditioning refreshing spray for adult curl fans or a bounce-amplifying, conditioning blow-drying lotion.

Babybios detangling spray to restore shine and softness.
– Improves bounce and forms curls.
– Perfect spray for children’s delicate hair.
– Lavender and camomile soothe and calm irritated scalps


How to use this product: As a conditioning lotion for blow-dried styles or air-dried hair: Depending on the amount of hair, evenly spray Babybios 8-15 times into washed, towel-dried hair. Can additionally be used with a finishing product. As a refresher spray, spray into dry hair and style as desired. As a conditioning lotion for children: Spray Babybios on to hair and scalp – once or twice a week, after washing and, if required, between washes.



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Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Babybios “Mother & Child Spray”

  1. Akaysha

    Amazing for removing cradle cap and soothing scalp irritations. The whole family loves it.

  2. Clare Boddy

    The best product to remove cradle cap gently while my husband and I also love to use it to help with any scalp irritations we have! We all love it.

  3. Charlessnacy

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