The Anti-dandruff Essentials


Anti-dandruff Shampooing Apaisant & Lotion – Clear up to 100% of your dandruff!

Dandruff as an active symptom is annoying enough, but often dandruff becomes a chronic problem and occurs repeatedly or lastingly. Mostly, the sufferer is not just dealing with dandruff because generally such scalps are naturally predisposed to being highly sensitive or they become hyperirritated as a result of the permanent or recurring dandruff.


The anti-dandruff therapy Dermosthétique Anti-Pelliculaire has an impressive triple effect: 1. 100% eradication of visible dandruff after just one application 2. Lasting normalisation of the impaired, overreactive hornification process 3. Even hypersensitive scalps are lastingly calmed The high efficacy and the particularly high tolerance are clinically documented

Anti-dandruff Shampooing Apaisant cleanses sensitives hair and scalps, thoroughly removing dandruff.
– Clears scalp up to 100% of existing dandruff.
– Inhibits the production of new dandruff by targeting the dandruff forming microbes.
– Tetrapeptides calm and sooth irritations.

Apaisant Scalp lotion that eradicates up to 100% of dandruff. Calms itchiness and irritations.
– Stops the cycle of dandruff by targeting dandruff causing microbes
– Gentle on sensitive scalps
– Five second application makes it easy to use.


How to use these products: After washing Shampooing Apaisant using the easy nozzle applicator, apply approx. 5 ml of Lotion Apaisante along the parting of the scalp and gently massage in. Do not rinse – Leave-in product

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