Messy Half Top-Knot

Messy Half Top-Knot

Christmas morning is one of the most magical moments of the holiday season. Even as adults, it’s hard not to have that kid-like anticipation to see what Santa left under the tree. Although opening presents in your PJs is one of the best parts of this festive season, we can often forget to take that extra time to look put-together for the inevitable family photo ops. In this week’s tutorial, we have Elanna showing you 3 Christmas Morning Hairstyles – each look will only take you five minutes!


Messy Half Top-Knot



This messy half top-knot hairstyle is suitable for all lengths of hair – you just need enough hair to throw up in a messy bun on top of your head. Of the three looks, it is definitely the quickest one – especially great for Christmas morning when you’re in a rush and you just want your hair out of your face. Best of all, it takes no time whatsoever.


Tools Needed:

  • One (1) small clear elastic
  • Two (2) bobby pins
  • Wave Spray



1. Section off the top section of your hair at the crown of your head. Adjust the amount of hair you pull up on the sides depending on how much volume you want on the sides.

2. Once the hair is positioned to your preference, grab a small clear elastic. Gather your hair into a small messy bun and secure with an elastic. To avoid the bun looking too upright, use a couple of bobby pins to secure the bun flat to the head.

3. To create a more undone look, use your fingers to pull out some baby hairs around the face. For added texture, use a wave spray to enhance your natural texture.