Current hair trends for 2020

Current hair trends for 2020

A fresh style cut is an easy and fun way to update your look. At Radical Hair Design in Sydney, we can give you a trendy new style which will have you looking a million dollars. Consider these top trending hairstyles for 2020 as options to refresh your look and bring your style into a new decade.

The humble bob has recently had a resurgence. You may remember bobs were a big trend about a decade ago, pioneered by Posh Spice. Today, trendy bobs are softer and less harsh than they were in the early 2000s. Both straight cut and asymmetrical bobs are very popular at the moment. A short bob haircut requires frequent maintenance to keep it looking sharp, but is simple to care for on a day to day basis. Depending on how you style your bob, it can be sophisticated or fun. Of course, one bob does not fit all. Your hairdresser will need to work with your natural hair texture to achieve a look which suits you and requires minimal styling in the morning, if that is important to you.

Long, natural (or natural looking) waves are another top look for 2020. If you are genetically blessed with loose waves, we can give you a hair cut that brings out their natural glory. Otherwise, a curling iron will do the trick. Highlights weaved through your hair will create a sun kissed look and emphasise the wavy texture. Have a flick through our Instagram to see some of our recent wavy styles. Long, loose waves frame the face and bring out your natural features.

Fringes of all lengths are also making a comeback. Wispy, 1970s style fringes and short 1990s fringes are both trendy options at the moment. Sadly for millennials, the 2000s side fringe has yet to become cool again. With much of the world in isolation, many are experimenting with fringes at home. If you have always wanted to try a fringe, now is the time to do it. As cities begin to re-open, you may want to go to a salon to tidy up your home cut fringe.

Very statement front “face frame” is making a come back complimenting the use of “chunkier” highlights and lowlights to support the look. The 90’s trends are definitely coming back where major strength of colour is going to be your new best friend, and regrowth… I guess we will be see you all more often.

Consider how you can update your look with a colour as well as a cut. Warm colours are extremely popular at the moment. All shades of copper, deep browns, red, and bronzes are having a moment. Usually, these cosy colours are more popular during winter. When choosing a colour, you will need to factor in maintenance. If you want a bright hue which is far from your natural shade, you will need to get your regrowth touched up frequently. On the other hand, if you are more low maintenance at heart, it is best not to deviate too far from your natural colour. Balayage can be a great option if you are unsure when you will be back to the salon.

Make an appointment with us at Radical Hair Design for an expert style cut that will highlight your best features. You can call us on (02) 9651 3200, or request an appointment time through our website. When you arrive for your appointment, we can discuss what modern styles will be most suited to your hair type and lifestyle. If you have your heart set on a particular look, it is a good idea to bring a picture of what you want.