Balayage Sydney

If you are looking to book a hair appointment for balayage in Sydney, Radical Hair Design should be your first preference. We are experienced in this popular technique and are proud of our ability to create beautiful hair colours and styles to bring out the natural beauty of our clients. Balayage is infinitely customisable, so we always make every effort to design a hair look to suit the individual features of each client.

A common question we get is, “how is balayage different from highlights?” – a question we are always happy to answer. It is possible that when you are seeking balayage in Sydney, if you happen upon an inexperienced hairdresser you may end up with a traditional highlights look. While there is some resemblance between balayage and highlights, the technique used is completely different. For a balayage look, the hairdresser paints the dye or bleach onto the hair freehand, and blends the dye up towards the roots. This creates a gradation in colour which is subtle and low-maintenance. By contrast, highlights, which are usually applied usingfoils, are more discrete and can look stripy, particularly if there is a large difference between the client’s natural hair colour and the highlight colour. Highlights also require more upkeep – every six weeks if you have blonde highlights on dark hair – whereas balayage can be left for months at a time while still looking fresh and styled.

Balayage is a technique, rather than a style per se. The same technique can be used to get many different looks, depending on the colours used and the initial condition of the hair. When you think of balayage, you likely picture wavy dark or medium brown hair which graduates into blonde ends. However, if you have curly hair or red hair, for example, it is going to look very different on you. At Radical Hair Design, we have worked with a variety of different hair types to create wildly different outcomes using the balayage technique. It is essential for you to tell us the look you want, as well as specifying how you normally do yourhair each day, so we can work with you to create a personalised colour and style. Balayage in Sydney is one of our many specialties at Radical Hair Design, and you need only look at our online gallery to see the range of styles and techniques we have created for our stunning clients.

Another common question is, “can you do balayage on already dyed hair?” to which the answer is, it depends. It may take a few salon visits to achieve the look you want if your hair is in a damaged condition. While it is not always recommended to dye over previously coloured hair, we will be able to advise on what is possible. In your initial appointment, we can do a strand test if necessary to determine the suitability of balayage for your hair. It is important to us that your crowning glory is everything that you wish it to be. We will always give your hair the time and care it needs to be in its best condition, and pride ourselves on delivering the best advice and service to every client.

To find out more information, or to book an appointment for balayage in Sydney, give us at Radical Hair Design a call on (02) 9651 3200.